Who benefits from what we do?

Joy of Hearing has been established with the object of raising funds in order to assist the hearing impaired, particularly those living in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa - not only one of the poorest provinces, but also with the highest prevalence of severe hearing difficulty - with the primary focus on assisting those children and adults who are unable to cover the cost and maintenance of a cochlear implant.

Secondary aims of the organisation are creating an awareness of the challenges of the hearing impaired and advocating their rights.

There are many children who have severe-to-profound hearing loss, with a devastating effect on them and their families, while compromising their ability to reach their full potential. Cochlear implants provide the opportunity to restore hearing or provide hearing for the first time to these individuals and give them the confidence to live a full and productive life. It is a well-known fact that particularly children, have the best prognosis when receiving an intervention such as a cochlear implant at a very young age. The cost of this procedure in South Africa, however, amounts to hundreds of thousands of rands - making it totally inaccessible to the largest part of the population - particularly the youngest and most vulnerable.

Many cochlear implant recipients also do not have the ongoing means to maintain the external cochlear apparatus and its power supply. The much needed financial support to these patients means the difference between integration with or total isolation from the hearing world.   

We, therefore, appeal to individuals and companies alike to contribute towards this fund and impact many lives.